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Top Garage Door Trends For 2023

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

Your home’s garage door is more than just something functional — it’s one of the focal points of your exterior, and an opportunity to feature a unique look that can enhance your curb appeal. Design and construction have come a long way over the decades, and today’s popular garage doors blend aesthetics and functionality like never before. If you think you’re still limited to a plain steel door, think again. Homeowners today have a wide range of garage door ideas to choose from, giving them the chance to enhance the appearance of their properties and make life more convenient at the same time. You have your pick from numerous colors, styles and features to give you the exact door you need for your house. Read on to learn more about some of the latest garage door trends affecting the market today.

Make Way for Wood

One of the most popular trending garage doors right now is wood. A wooden garage door can be the crowning touch for the outside of your house because it ties together all the other wooden accents including door frames and windowsills. They bring a beautiful, natural look to your home, especially if you have an exterior dominated by darker colors.

Some of the most frequently used designs for wood doors are carriage house and mountain style, but there are many others available. If you want the appearance of wood without the upkeep, there are a number of faux wood doors on the market today. These materials are easier to clean and maintain, but still provide the same look and feel as their natural counterparts. Unlike real wood, they don’t need to be stained or painted every other year.

Stylish Sectionals

Another of the best modern garage door ideas for homeowners is the sectional door. These consist of separate panels that fold up into each other as the door is raised. They’re easily customizable and give you more space inside your garage because they roll up in sections rather than swinging up in one piece. This is ideal for anyone with a large vehicle.

These doors also provide you with an exceptional level of configurability, allowing you to add windows for more natural lighting and/or ventilation in your garage. The only drawback to these models is that they tend to be slightly more expensive due to the customizations and can be more challenging to install.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

One of the biggest garage door trends of recent years has been the integration of smart technology into openers. This technology allows you to control your door from an app on your phone in addition to the remote. Automatic alerts can be delivered to your phone letting you know if you’ve left it open. Motion sensors and timers also help detect when no one is using the garage and will close it automatically to conserve energy and keep belongings safe.

Unique & Modern

Other contemporary residential styles include steel, aluminum and even glass garage doors. These are showstoppers that fit in nicely with the look of modern, forward-thinking architecture. Many styles combine materials such as steel frames and smoky glass panes to create sleek, minimalist looks that add really nice curb appeal to a property.

What CMB Garage Doors Can Offer

With our selection of doors, impressive experience, competitive pricing and excellent customer service, CMB Garage Doors can help you find the perfect addition for your home. We can help you every step of the way to install a new garage door, from design all the way to the final installation. No matter what type of project you have, we’re here to handle it for you. To learn more about what we have to offer, reach out to us today.

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