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Most Common Garage Door Problems

Four or five times a day, on average, homeowners open and close their garage doors. Most give it no more thought than turning on a light — until pressing the button doesn’t work. Why? Garage door openers are more complicated than changing a lightbulb, and the prospect of troubleshooting potentially expensive if common garage door problems can be daunting.

They needn’t be. While some common garage door issues absolutely require a professional, some don’t. Whether it’s something simple like adjusting a sensor or something complex like replacing a part, CMB Garage Doors can provide the advice or service you need.

Common Garage Door Issues and How to Fix them

You can correct many minor garage door issues with basic DIY skills. Others are best remediated by a pro. Here are a few common problems and our suggestions for addressing them:

  1. Worn Out Rollers/Bearings — Are you hearing a popping or squeaking when the door is in motion? Check your rollers and bearings. Squeaky bearings can often be resolved with proper lubrication. Worn rollers, which tend to “pop” as they move through the track, should be replaced.

  2. Obscured or Broken Sensors — Electric eye sensors provide necessary safety, reversing downward doors when objects interrupt the connection between sensors. Even a leaf dangling from the bottom of a closing door can prevent the door from closing. Check antennas and sensors for dirt and debris, and check that sensors are aligned properly and at the right height (5-6 inches above the floor).

  3. Broken Torsion Spring — If you’ve heard a torsion spring break (some liken it to a firecracker), you’ll know it’s a potentially dangerous part of the garage mechanism. Leave this one to the pros. Lubricants specially formulated for garage doors can be used as preventative maintenance (twice a year is a good rule of thumb).

  4. Broken Transmitter/Remote Opener — When it comes to common garage door opener problems, first, see if you’re close enough to be in range. Second, change the batteries. Next, make sure the plug on the motor is connected and the check to see if the circuit breaker has been tripped. If those don’t work, try unlocking and syncing the keypad (instructions are in the user manual, many of which can be found online if you misplaced them). After that, call us.

  5. Damaged Weather Seal — A weather seal is essential to some of the more esoteric functions of a garage door. When functioning correctly, a weather seal keeps water, insects and mice out of your garage. It also prevents air movement into and out of the garage, making it easier to maintain a consistent temperature inside. If you’re seeing water puddling at the base of your garage door, it could be time for a new weather seal. Replacement weather seals aren’t always easy to find, and they can be tricky to install, so you may need to call in a professional to get a new one.

CMB Is Ready When You Need Us

Nobody likes to pay for a service call — even at CMB’s affordable rates — without first trying to resolve garage door malfunctions themselves. If you’ve tried to fix it but your garage door still isn’t cooperating, the reliable, experienced technicians at CMB are ready to help. The quality and availability of our products, plus our dedication to customer service, make us the pros you should count on for garage door repairs.

Sometimes no amount of garage door troubleshooting will help. If you need to install a new garage door or opener, our inventory can provide a stylish solution quickly.

Whether you’re just looking for a bit of friendly advice are you’re ready for anything from a parts order to a service call or a new door and opener, contact us today to start the process.

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If you encounter any issues beyond basic maintenance, don't hesitate to call Residential Locksmith. They have the expertise to diagnose and resolve complex garage door problems, ensuring the safety and security of your property.

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